The people of Medjimurje

The people of Medjimurje have always been portrayed as diligent, hardworking and somewhat reticent. Nonetheless, Medjimurje was the birthplace of many famous artists, musicians, writers, scientists, sportsmen and politicians. World-famous author and travel writer Joža Horvat set off from Kotoriba. Rudolf Steiner, a philosopher, founder of antroposophy, Waldorf education, biodynamic agriculture, antroposophical medicine and organic architecture, was born in Medjimurje. Some of the names from the world of sports include football players and former members of the Croatian national football team Robert Jarni and Dražen Ladić, former tennis champion Franjo Punčec and gymnast Filip Ude. Musicians Vinko Žganec and Josip Štolcer Slavenski and, more recently, Teta Liza, Lidija Bajuk, Žiga Međimurski and Boris Leiner have all contributed to the rich musical tradition of Medjimurje. Renowned artists from Medjimurje include Lujo Bezeredi, Ladislav Kralj Međimurec and many others. You may have heard about many of them, and now you know they were born in Međimurje.

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